Rodeo Food Distribution, Inc. has come to the forefront of leading food distributors in Western states of  USA. 
People in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona enjoy the wide range of our choicest foodstuffs directly imported from Europe.

Our clientele includes a wide range of hundreds of American, Ethnic and International supermarkets, grocers, caterers, hotels, specialty retailers and restaurants.
Today we offer products we import for you from Germany, France, Russia, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Georgia etc.

To name just a few:

  • A vast assortment of German artisan bread and cakes, pastas and noodles; Lithuanian frozen bread; cakes from Ukraine, Moldova and Poland, other bakery products;
  • Only premium quality "Kaluga Alexander" black caviar and a variety of top-notch salmon red caviar;
  • Natural dairy cream-based European "Nika" brand ice cream from Lithuania;
  • Delectable selection of Russian-style dumplings/pelmeni and Perogies/Vareniki;
  • Hundreds of processed meat items: salamis, sausages, bologna, ham, bacon, headcheese, frankfurters, wieners;
  • Huge variety of "Taste-of-the Childhood"-type confectionery: chocolate candies, caramels, marshmallow, marmalades, halva, chocolate and candy gift boxes;
  • Pickled &Marinated veggies, mushrooms and spreads represented by the world renowned brands: Nezhin, Todorka, Mira, Zakuson, Vavel, Veres, Bende, Tradicii Vkusa;
  • Unlimited number of condiments;
  • Great selection of various imported beverages like soda drinks, juices, Russian Kvass and Morsdrinks, mineral water.

From the very beginning our company's focus was and is to import and offer only a premium selection of highest quality products.
We endeavor to satisfy our partners and buyers with a very accurate timely delivery and make your ordering process effortless as we always have our products in stock.
If you are passionate about authentic gourmet food, we welcome you to explore our website. Once you discover the products you like, contact our representatives to place your order and/or request a full catalog of our products.

Rodeo's policy and strategy stand on three foundations, which define main goals: uncompromising quality, best value and first-class customer service.

Most welcome to the world of Rodeo!


10848 Cantara st. 
Sun Valley, CA 91352